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Preparing for your newborn session will help you be more relaxed on the day and enjoy the experience more. As a new mum the thought of getting ready for a newborn session just after giving birth may be a lot for you but it doesn't have to be. My aim is to make the experience as relaxing and stress free as possible. If you are relaxed the baby will sense this and be more relaxed as well. Newborn photos really are so important to capture those first few weeks, before you know it they will be running around!

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1. Feed your baby at the beginning of the session

If possible it's best to not feed your baby for 1-2 hours before the session but of course this is not always possible. Every newborn is so different, some newborns will cluster feed and some will have longer feeds, you do need to do what it right for you. I would suggest to come in with a hungry baby and then as i'm setting up a few things the baby can start with a good feed. Starting the newborn session with a milk drunk baby is always the best way.

2. Bring your baby in clothes that are easy to remove

When you get to my studio we will start by taking off the babies clothes down to the nappy. Most babies hate this so it's best to do this straight away and put a blanket over them for them to get used to it. After this is when i usually suggest a good feed to make your baby more relaxed and comfortable.

3. If you have a dummy/pacifier do bring it

As your newborn is in a different environment and will be moved around more than usual, using a pacifier between poses can be very useful. Even if you haven't used one yet or think your baby won't need it, for a photography session it can work wonderers and be very helpful. When we are photographing your baby in some unclothed poses (and most babies hate being unclothed) A little bit of soothing from a pacifier can save the day!

4. What to wear for the family photos

I love including family photos during a newborn session and there is no better time than now. Sometimes parents may not feel up to it and don't want to be included but these are honestly some of my favourite photos that i promise you won't regret. I suggest that you wear more neutrals colours that are not too distracting, whites, beige, cream, brown, black, if wearing colours softer colours are better rather than bright colours.

5. What to bring with you to your session

I would say you just need extra milk if not breastfeeding, nappies and a pacifier. The sessions can last anywhere from 2 - 4 hours usually about 3 hours depending on the baby. (Some babies will need more or longer feeds, this is when they will be longer sessions which is completely fine) You may also want to bring some snacks in case you get peckish. Other than that i have everything that is needed for the session in my studio!

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I hope this blog gave you an insight into how to prepare for a newborn session. When booking in your newborn session i will also email you over a client prep guide which will help you prepare for the day. Would you like to book in but want to see more of my work? Check out my newborn galleries below.

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